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The Environmental Pressures of a Shark | BeCause Tees

6 Environmental Pressures of a Shark Today

Sharks are one of the most feared fish in the ocean. Yet, these scary creatures play a vital role in their ecosystem and help keep things balanced. Although they are hard to study, scientists have identified over 500 species. Unfortunately, the environmental pressures of a shark are threatening their survival.

ocean of sharks, view from below

What Are the Environmental Pressures of a Shark?

Through the years, the job of a shark has become more challenging as their environment continues to change. And these creatures have been around for a very long time. But what are the environmental pressures of a shark today? Here are six pressures sharks currently face. 

1. Finding Food 

Sharks are good at finding food. Their senses are so sharp that in an Olympic-size pool, they can smell one drop of blood. As the ocean continues to warm, some species of fish that sharks prey on are migrating to other locations. As these populations continue to shift, it could force their predators to follow.  

2. Locating Mating Partners

Female sharks release chemicals into the water to let nearby male sharks know when they are ready to mate. Since sharks often live alone and away from other sharks, continuous migration and overfishing are interfering. The result is a lower population of certain species. 

3. Caring for Offspring

While some sharks lay eggs and hide them, most give birth to live sharks called pups. But as ocean temperatures increase due to climate change, it can cause baby sharks to be born smaller and undernourished, which drastically reduces their chances of survival. 

4. Overfishing

Of all the environmental pressures of a shark, overfishing and incidental catches impact them the most. Currently, a third of the total shark population is facing the possibility of extinction because fishermen continue to catch them for their fins, liver oil, gill plates and meat. If this trend continues, it’s been predicted that over the next decade, the shark populations most at risk could crumble.

5. Coping With Climate Change

Nowadays, climate change is affecting everyone, including sharks. Conditions such as warming seas and rising sea levels could cause more of them to migrate to new habitats with better living conditions. This scenario is already happening with some species of fish that have started going north as the Atlantic and Pacific waters bordering the United States keep heating up.  

6. Dealing With Water Pollution

An analysis of the digestive system in numerous sharks has shown the presence of microplastics and other man-made fibers. This issue magnifies the worldwide problem of dealing with plastic pollution. The need to reduce and ultimately eliminate this type of pollution is urgent.

shark swimming along with silver fish

Can the Environmental Pressures of a Shark Change? 

We can change and help alleviate some of the environmental pressures of a shark. It starts with spreading the word and educating people about these issues, which is why at Because Tees, we create thoughtful apparel to help support causes that address issues like this. Our Sea Collection has a large selection of designs featuring sea animals, including sharks and for every order placed on our website, we donate to nonprofits, including The Ocean Cleanup. Shop all our nature-inspired designs today.

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Alissa Atkins

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