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Are Sharks Older Than Trees? | BeCause Tees

Are Sharks Older Than Trees? The Amazing History of Sharks

While most of us have heard the phrase "older than sliced bread," when you're talking about sharks, "older than trees" is much more apt. Are sharks older than trees, really? Learn more about the evolutionary timeline of these amazing sea creatures and why they should be protected today. 

Are Sharks Older Than Trees? Looking Back in Time

When we think of ancient creatures, many of us picture dinosaurs. However, both sharks and trees have seniority and survived the mass extinction events responsible for wiping the dinosaurs out.

Today there are hundreds of species of sharks and tens of thousands of species of trees on Earth. While trees may have become more diverse over millions of years, sharks are actually older. Here's why the answer to, "are sharks older than trees?" is a resounding yes. 

History of Sharks

Where many types of fish have bones, the structural components of sharks' bodies are made primarily of cartilage. This is why they are categorized as cartilaginous fishes and also why the main ways to find them in the fossil record is through their scales or teeth. Despite the lack of full fossils, ancient sharks still left behind enough evidence for us to know that early species date back at least 420 million years. 

Sharks are amazing animals that deserve to be appreciated and protected. The many species that live today come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, and while they can spark fear in those who enjoy swimming in the ocean, shark attacks are actually incredibly rare. Sharks fill important niches in ocean environments, helping to keep the populations of other sea creatures at healthy levels. 

History of Trees

So why are sharks older than trees? While plants with branches, such as ferns, date back as far as 400 million years, those that truly resemble trees don't appear in the fossil record until approximately 360 million years ago. This means they were behind sharks by over 50 million years!

Ginkgo trees, one of the oldest species that still live today, are only about 200 million years old. Many familiar tree species such as pine trees, maples, and oaks appeared much more recently than this. Interestingly, the first flowers only evolved about 125 million years ago.

Are Sharks Older Than Trees? Why We Care

Despite having survived multiple mass extinction events, today many species of shark are at risk. This is unfortunately due to human activities, namely fishing, which has pushed them towards extinction. Sharks are often fished for their fins, which are considered a delicacy in some dishes. Sadly this practice is wasteful and leads to the killing of large numbers. Learning more about these animals and their amazing history helps spread awareness. Expanding our knowledge leads to more support for important conservation actions that will help protect sharks and other underappreciated species. 

Now that you know the answer to "are sharks older than trees," show your support for these unique fish by purchasing clothing from a brand that cares. At BeCause Tees, supporting the health of our seas is one of our core missions. Shop ourocean-friendly selection today. 


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