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What Can We Do To Stop Climate Change?

Since the industrial revolution, global carbon levels have been steadily rising, causing temperatures to increase. While global climate change is happening very slowly, it has already caused many worrying changes worldwide. If you've been seriously concerned about the effects of changing temperatures, you probably feel helpless. After all, what can we do to stop climate change when the Earth is so big? 

Air pollution by factory

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Where Can We Start?

Rising seas and changing temperatures are challenging problems for the average person to wrap their head around. While you might have the right intentions, it's tough even knowing where to start. 

It would help if you first understood that no step in the right direction is too small or too big. Although taking your bike instead of your car to the grocery store won't cause thermometers in the area to drop, it's still the right thing to do. Similarly, you shouldn't limit the changes you plan to make just because they're too big or too inconvenient. The world is in crisis, and drastic changes are needed.


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What Can We Do To Stop Climate Change Locally?

If you want to help the environment, you need to understand how your behaviors contribute to warming. Everything you do, from eating to commuting to watching television, leaves a carbon imprint on the planet. 

Every product you buy needs to be built or otherwise produced. This means the energy and transportation used to create your products count toward a carbon total. 

A few easy steps you can take to reduce your impact include:

  • Cutting down on heating and air conditioning
  • Restricting your red meat & dairy consumption
  • Minimizing energy costs
  • Reducing water waste
  • Riding a bike or driving an electric car
  • Minimizing air travel

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What Can We Do To Stop Climate Change Across the Planet?

Reducing your carbon footprint is essential, but it likely won't be enough to stem negative changes — there are too many people still living in the dark. If we want to avert disaster, someone has to step up.

If you're enthusiastic about protecting the Earth, there's never been a better time to spread the word. Social media pages can reach thousands of people in an instant. Start one today.

It isn't often that modern life offers you a true sense of purpose. Why not dedicate yourself entirely to saving the world? Get involved in community advocate groups, become an Audubon member, or get your Ph.D. in environmental biology.

Scientists are already hard at work clearing the oceans of plastics and developing carbon absorption devices. These are impressive engineering feats that will dominate the lands and seas of the future. Join the fight while you can — the economy favors the forward-thinking.

So, what can we do to stop climate change? Everything we can. Though it's sometimes hard to find the right organizations or causes to give to, here at Because Tees, we make it easy. We donate 10% of our profits to vetted environmental and humanitarian causes. Buy a tee today and know you'll look great and feel great having contributed to something bigger than yourself.





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