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Mother's Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms and Nature Lovers: The BeCause Gift Guide

Need some inspiration for Mother's Day gifts for outdoorsy moms and grandmas who love nature? We've got lots of ideas for gifts that they'll be excited to receive and use! Choosing gifts they can keep and wear/use plenty of times is sustainable gifting that's mindful to the planet. Here's our Mother's Day Gift Guide to provide inspiration. 

Mama/Nana Merch for Mother's Day

Mama Bee apparel

Mama Bee Collection

Nana Bee apparel

Nana Bee Collection

Mama Bear apparel

Mama Bear - Mama Glasses Collection

Mama Bear apparel

Mama Bear Collection


 An Alternative to Flowers for Mother's Day

Lemon Queen Sunflower Tumbler

Lemon Queen Sunflower Collection

Dahlia Cafe au Lait apparel

Dahlia Cafe au Lait Collection


 For the Queen Bee on Mother's Day

Queen Bee apparel

Queen Bee Collection

Queen Bee Apis Mellifera

Queen Bee Apis Mellifera Collection


For Plant Mamas on Mother's Day 

Monstera Deliciosa apparel

Monstera Deliciosa Collection

Heart Full of House Plants apparel

Heart Full of House Plants Collection


For Moms Who Love the Great Outdoors

Find Me Under the Stars apparel

Find Me Under the Stars Collection

Evergreen Trees apparel

Evergreen Trees Collection

Let Her Choose

If you're not sure what her favorite designs would be, let her choose her own gift from all our nature-inspired designs with a Digital Gift Card


Choosing a Mother's Day gift from BeCause Tees is a thoughtful way to treat not just Mom, but the planet too! Each purchase makes a donation to environmental nonprofits and funds the planting of trees via Eden Reforestation Projects. Wishing a very Happy Mother's Day to all moms, from our family to yours.

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