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We recently announced that we’re now a sapling level partner with Eden Reforestation Projects. We wanted to explain more about the incredible work that this nonprofit undertakes and the huge impact they’re creating in countries around the world.

How Eden Reforestation Projects is Making a Difference

Madagascar nursery planting

Madagascar, nursery planting

Employ to Plant Methodology

Eden Reforestation Projects use an Employ to Plant methodology, which promotes long-term forest sustainability:

  • As they restore forests, local communities have new opportunities for economic self-sufficiency
  • Techniques and expertise are shared between countries
  • Each month, millions of trees are planted
  • As challenges arise, techniques are altered to adapt to each situation

Where Eden Reforestation Projects is Working

Here’s a snapshot of some of the countries Eden Reforestation Projects is working with. Learn more about the challenges they’re facing and the impact they're having on these countries and the people and wildlife that live there.


More than 90% of Madagascar’s primary forests are destroyed, making them one of the world’s top biodiversity conservation priorities. The destruction of mangrove estuaries along the coastline has caused mudflats to wash into the ocean, which has destroyed fisheries and made coastal communities more vulnerable to hurricanes, tsunamis, and floods.

  • 93 project sites
  • Over 76 million trees produced, planted, and protected
  • Over 11,700 employees empowered with fair wages
  • Extensive infrastructure created e.g. guardhouses, fire towers, and seed banks

Madagascar nursery planting

Madagascar, nursery planting


Over 45% of Mozambique’s population live beneath the poverty line. More than 8 million hectares of forest (an area the size of Portugal) have been deforested. Some of the leading causes of deforestation here are cyclones, floods, and commercial logging.

  • 62 project sites
  • Over 80 million trees produced, planted, and protected
  • Over 900 employees empowered with fair wages
  • Reforestation work helps to protect coastal communities from environmental disasters, improve fisheries, increase biodiversity, and helps to alleviate poverty

Mozambique nursery planting

Mozambique, mangrove planting


Over 90% of Kenya has been deforested, with logging, charcoal burning, and illegal settling being significant factors. Deforestation has caused an increase in severe drought and extreme poverty, with 42% of the population living below the poverty line. Kenya has committed to reforestation, looking to achieve a 10% forest cover, and Eden Reforestation Projects is working closely with the government to accomplish this.

  • 45 project sites
  • Over 50 million trees produced, planted, and protected
  • Over 1,050 employees empowered with fair wages
  • A sustainable water supply is being re-established by replanting around springs and rivers, restoring critical wildlife habitats, stabilizing landslide-prone slopes, and securing livelihoods

Kenya nursery seedlings

Kenya, nursery seedlings


Less than 30% of Nepal’s original forests remain due to over-harvesting, forest fires, and agriculture. Nepal’s forests are home to 27 endangered mammal species, and so deforestation is devastating both to wildlife and to local communities.

  • 32 project sites
  • Over 12 million trees produced, planted, and protected
  • Over 380 employees empowered with fair wages
  • More than half of Eden Reforestation Project’s workforce here are women and for many, it’s their first opportunity for consistent employment

Nepal nursery planting

Nepal, nursery planting

To date, we've funded the planting of 800,000 trees via Eden Reforestation Projects! We're excited to watch the number grow and edge ever closer to our goal of 1 million trees by the end of 2023. You can track our progress on our Mission page. Shop now to help us plant more trees.

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