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Eden Reforestation Projects: We’re Now a Forest Level Partner!

Eden Reforestation Projects: We're Now a Forest Level Partner!

It doesn't feel like long ago since we were announcing that we'd been made a Grove Level Partner with Eden Reforestation Projects! However, we've now officially moved up the ranks and we're thrilled to announce that BeCause Tees is now a Forest Level Partner. So, what exactly does that mean? Find out below!

Eden Reforestation Projects in MozambiquePhoto: Eden Reforestation Projects in Mozambique 

Forest Level Partner - What Does it Mean?

Eden Reforestation Projects has different partnership levels, and you move up to a new level each time you've funded the planting of a certain number of trees. We moved from Sapling Level Partners to Grove Level Partners at the start of February, and as of the end of July, we're onto the next level. 

To date, we've funded the planting of over 800,000 trees! THANK YOU for your support!

Forest Level Partner

Why We're a Partner With Eden Reforestation Projects 

Eden Reforestation Projects are making a big impact across the globe: 

  • Planting millions of trees each month
  • Restoring landscapes
  • Creating jobs with fair wages
  • Creating infrastructure
  • Protecting ecosystems
  • Helping mitigate climate change

Currently, over 6,070 individuals are receiving fair wages because of their work, plus over 241,150 hectares are being managed. Find out more about how Eden Reforestation Projects is making a difference

Supporting Nonprofits

In addition to funding the planting of trees for every order, BeCause Tees also donates to nonprofits:

 Our impact so far:

BeCause Tees Impact


Making a purchase with BeCause Tees donates to nonprofits and funds the planting of  trees: help us to reach our goal of 1 million trees by the end of 2023 - shop hand-drawn designs today.

Nature shirts and hoodies 

Featured photo: Eden Reforestation Projects in Madagascar

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