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Celebrating National Honey Bee Day 

There’s a buzz around honey bees coming soon! Did you know, National Honey Bee Day takes place every year on the third Saturday in August? Let’s explore more about this pollinator and why it has it’s own special day!

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What is National Honey Bee Day?

An awareness day that started in the United States, National Honey Bee Day aims to celebrate honey bees and encourage their protection, as well as celebrating beekeepers who contribute to ensuring there are enough bees to pollinate crops.  

The main goals are:

  • Promote and advance beekeeping
  • Raise awareness about honey bees and beekeeping
  • Raise awareness about the threats to honey bees

Why are Honey Bees So Important?

Honey bees are the primary source of honey used for human consumption, making more than any other type of bee. Find out more about why bees make honey and beeswax. Honey is the only food that can’t spoil, it’s rich in antioxidants, can be used as an antiseptic and it’s a natural cough suppressant too, so pretty good stuff!

Honey bees are one of the pollinators responsible for helping to produce an estimated 1 out of 3 bites of food we eat. Not just that, they help to sustain our ecosystems, help plants to reproduce, and play their part in reversing the effects of climate change. They’re essential to the health of our planet. So they’re pretty important!

Find out the differences between honey bees and native bees.

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Suggestions For Celebrating National Honey Bee Day 

Here are some ideas for celebrating National Honey Bee Day:

Plant for the bees

Planting flowers that bees will love in your garden is a super helpful way to contribute towards the survival of bees. Find out how to create a bee-friendly garden.

Support beekeepers

The best way to support your local beekeepers is buy purchasing locally produced honey. It's much better stuff than the mass produced honey found in supermarkets too.

Raise awareness

The more that we all raise awareness of the plight of honey bees, the better. Posting on social media about the need to save the bees is a popular way to spread the message. Displaying our Save the Bees Decal is a fun way to spread the word!

Get crafty

It's incredibly important that the younger generation are aware of the importance of bees. Making some bee crafts is a fun way to start a conversation. Pinterest has some great ideas for bee crafts and activities. 

Shop to save the bees

Our honey bee range includes tshirts for adults and kids, hoodies, tumblers and tote bags. When you shop with us, we proudly make a donation to environmental charitable organizations, including Pollinator Partnership, and fund the planting of trees with every order. Help to save the bees – shop now.

For more tips about how you can help bees and other pollinators, check out our post How to Help Pollinators and Why It's Important: The Ultimate Guide.

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