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The Biggest Trees on Earth | BeCause Tees

The Biggest Trees on Earth

Trees are an important part of our planet. They help clean the air, provide food for animals and humans alike, and create beauty in their natural habitats. Tree species vary across the world. Some stand out among all others and can reach heights of over 350 feet! So, what are the biggest trees on Earth? Let's find out! 

What's the Biggest Tree on Earth?

The biggest tree on Earth is a giant sequoia named the General Sherman tree, located in the aptly named Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park.

Measuring 52,508 cubic feet and 274.9 feet tall, the General Sherman tree is estimated to be around 2,200 years old. Despite its remarkable age, it still isn't close to winning the title of the oldest tree on record, nor is it the tallest, but it's certainly the biggest by volume.

General Sherman giant sequoia tree

The Second Biggest Tree on Earth

The title of second biggest tree on Earth is awarded to the General Grant tree, another giant sequoia. Stats for this impressive include a volume of 46,608 cubic feet and a height of 268.1 feet. The General Grant tree can be found in Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park. 

Fun fact: as well as being the second biggest tree in the world, the General Grant tree has also been given the accolades of the Nation's Christmas Tree and the nation's only living shrine.

General Grant giant sequoia tree

The Biggest Tree Species

The giant sequoia is undoutedly the largest tree species on Earth, with many of these giants located in California. In fact, you can find 7 out of 10 of the largest trees on Earth at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. 

However, while the giant sequoia holds the title of largest tree species, it can't also claim the title of the tallest tree species.

What's the Tallest Tree on Earth? 

The tallest tree on Earth is a coastal redwood called Hyperion, named after a titan in Greek mythology. Measuring a whopping 380 ft tall, the tree is located in Redwood National Park.

Whilst giant sequoia trees are the biggest species in terms of volume, coastal redwoods are the tallest species of tree on the planet. The coastal redwood, also known as California redwood, is one of the main types of tree in California, and is also the official state tree. 

Redwood National Park

How Do These Trees Get So Big?

Giant sequoias live up to their name and coastal redwoods reach dizzying heights - compared to the smallest trees in the world, they're absolutely huge! So, how do these giant trees get so big?

Giant Sequoias

Areas such as the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks have such a large proportion of giant sequoias because they contain the ideal conditions for this species to grow - mild temperatures, snow melt that offers plenty of moisture, and the occurance of fires that clear space for younger trees to grow. 

Coastal Redwoods

Coastal redwoods have adapted their leaves to pull moisture out of the air around them. One factor that stops other tree species from growing so tall is that the taller they get, the harder it is to transport water from the roots to the top of the tree - coastal redwoods have the perfect solution for this. 

It's hard to appreciate the scale of the biggest trees on Earth without standing next to one, but needless to say, they're very impressive feats of nature indeed. As we marvel at their size, it's crucial to remember the importance of preserving these natural giants and their habitats for future generations to appreciate and learn from. Shop our Tree Collection to explore a variety of hand-drawn tree designs including coastal redwoods, sequoias, and more.

Coastal redwoods shirt 

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