Shark Week 2022: A Quick Guide to This Year's Event

Fan of sharks in general, or interested to learn more about the great white? Get out the popcorn – we’ve got the perfect week for you! July 24th sees the start of Shark Week 2022, taking place on the Discovery Channel and Discovery +. A week dedicated to shark shows, there’s a wide variety on offer to keep you entertained.

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Shark Week 2022

Now in its 34th year after first premiering on July 17th 1988, Shark Week 2022 brings us shows such as:

Stranger Sharks (July 25th): Noah Schnapp from ‘Stranger Things’ and Youtuber Mark Rober search for the strangest sharks in the ocean.

Rise of the Monster Hammerheads (July 25th): Dr Tristian Gutridge and Andy Casagrande investigate reports of two extremely large hammerhead sharks.

Great White Comeback (July 27th): an investigation into the disappearance of an entire great white population in South Africa.

Island of Walking Sharks (July 27th): biologist Forrest Galante travels to Papua New Guinea to investigate his theory that sharks are evolving to walk on land.

Shark Women: Ghosted by Great Whites (July 29th): biologist Alison Towner gathers a female crew to find sharks she previously tagged that have now disappeared.

This year, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be the host for Shark Week. “I filmed exclusively in my home state of HAWAII, these beautiful predator AUMAKUA (gods) are deeply revered & respected in our Polynesian culture,” Johnson wrote on Instagram to announce his role.

Head on over to the Discovery Channel website to view the full schedule.

Things to do during Shark Week

  • Get snacks ready to accompany your favourite shows (our shark tote bags are a fun way to carry home all your favorite supplies!).
  • Encourage the kids to get involved in some shark-themed crafts. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest to check out. 
  • Top up your shark knowledge with some trivia. Did you know that some sharks have bioluminescent properties, meaning they glow in the dark? Nature is truly a fascinating thing.
  • Show off your love for these magnificent creatures with our collection of shark products. Every BeCause purchase supports charities, including the Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation, which supports initiatives to rid the oceans of plastic.


Watching Shark Week 2022 in style with BeCause apparel? Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram – we love seeing your photos. Enjoy the shows!

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