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National Hummingbird Day 2022 falls on September 3rd. Let’s find out more about this beautiful creature and why it deserves to have a dedicated day!

National Hummingbird Day 2022

Hummingbird and flowers

What is National Hummingbird Day?

Celebrated each year on the first Saturday in September, this day is focused on the hummingbird. Not just a beautiful bird, this creature is actually pretty fascinating. A part of the pollinator family, pollinating a variety of flowering plants, these jewel-colored birds are useful to our ecosystems too, so it's no wonder they’ve got their own special day!

Did You Know?

Hummingbirds have some amazing qualities and characteristics. Here are some examples:

  • They’re the only birds that can fly backwards
  • The Bee Hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world
  • They tend to fly alone
  • Many species can flap their wings between 50 and 80 times per second
  • They’re always hungry due to their incredibly fast metabolisms
  • Their hearts beat very fast, at up to 1,260 beats per minute

What do you call a group of hummingbirds? Take your pick! ‘Charm’s’ the most common term used, but there are various words used to describe them, so choose whichever you fancy! Here are some examples:

  • A charm of hummingbirds
  • A bouquet of hummingbirds
  • A glittering of hummingbirds
  • A tune of hummingbirds
  • A hover of hummingbirds


Threats to Hummingbirds

It’s important to raise awareness of the need to protect our pollinators, and hummingbirds are no exception. Habitat loss, climate change, and invasive plant species are the main threats these birds face. 

How Can We Help Hummingbirds?

  • Plant native nectar plants
  • Provide a bird feeder
  • Support organizations that help hummingbirds

All items in our Hummingbird Collection feature a hand-drawn Ruby-Throated Hummingbird design. For every item sold, we donate 10% to environmental non-profits, including Pollinator Partnership. Choose some new clothing for your closet and help support the pollinators today on National Hummingbird Day! 

Hummingbird tshirt and bee tshirt

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