Honey, I Shrunk my Blood Pressure

Who could have guessed that something as sweet as honey could have health benefits? Lowering blood pressure is a bit of a stretch, but honey is a miraculous food with many dietary and health benefits; not all are scientifically proven, but all of them taste great.

Dripping honey

One benefit of honey is as a replacement for table sugar in recipes and diets. It is by no means a strictly healthier alternative to sugar, but it does have some benefits that sugar doesn’t. When compared to sugar, honey has trace amounts of nutrients, which, to be fair, doesn’t put any points on the board. However, honey is naturally rich in antioxidants which have a multitude of health benefits. The darker the honey, the more antioxidants.
Honey also has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It’s no coincidence that it’s one of nature’s only unspoilable foods. If stored correctly, honey has a theoretically infinite shelf life. This is due to three key factors. First, the acidic nature prevents bacteria from growing. Another critical feature of honey is the lack of moisture for any organism to grow in. The last factor is an incredible miracle of nature gifted to us by bees. The process that they use to make honey introduces enzymes from their stomachs that naturally produce hydrogen peroxide, a medical-grade disinfectant. Due to these amazing properties, honey has been used in medical settings to aid the healing of wounds and burns naturally.

Bees in a hive

Another exciting use of honey for health benefits is that it seems to be a natural cough suppressant. Clinical studies have shown that a couple of teaspoons of honey in children helped soothe coughs. Important to note that there is a risk of food poisoning called botulism with honey, so you should never give honey to a child 1-year-old or younger.
Honey is one of nature’s miracle foods and has several incredible properties. It also tastes wonderfully delicious, so get yourself a jar today. After all, even if you change your mind or don’t need it immediately, it’ll still be there, ready for you to use, either the next day, or the next decade.

Honey in a jar and on a comb

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