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Father's Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads: The BeCause Gift Guide

Looking for inspo for the perfect Father's Day gifts for outdoorsy Dads? You're in the right place! Our shop is packed full of hand-drawn nature apparel he's guaranteed to love. We've got the pick of the bunch right here with the BeCause Father's Day Gift Guide, so you can find something he'll enjoy and help the planet at the same time. 

Daddy Bee Merch for Father's Day

Dada Bee Clothing

Dada Bee Collection

Daddy Bee Shirt

Daddy Bee Collection

Papa Bee tumbler

Papa Bee Collection


Father's Day Apparel for Papa Bear

Dada Bear Shirt

Dada Bear Collection

Papa Bear Clothing

Papa Bear Collection

Dada Bear With Glasses

Dada Bear - Dada Glasses Collection



Gifts For Dads Who Are Always Outdoors

Jeffery Pine Cone Apparel

Jeffery Pine Cone Collection

Evergreen Trees Apparel

Evergreen Trees Collection

Coastal Redwoods Apparel

Coastal Redwoods Collection


 Gifts For Dads Who Love The Ocean

Great White Shark Apparel

Great White Shark Collection

Summer Surf Diamond Apparel

Summer Surf Diamond Collection

Save Our Sealife Apparel

Save Our Sealife Collection 



 Gifts for Plant Dads

Monstera Deliciosa Apparel

Monstera Deliciosa Collection

Oriental Sycamore Tree Stem Apparel

Oriental Sycamore Tree Stem Collection

Monstera Adansonii Apparel

Monstera Adansonii Collection


Let Him Choose

If you're spoilt for choice and can't decide what designs would be his favorites, a Digital Gift Card is the answer!


Shop all designs to find plenty more nature-themed apparel to choose from. Each order funds the planting of trees and makes a donation to environmental nonprofits. Whatever you decide to get for Dad, we're sure he'll appreciate the kind gesture. 



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