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Christmas Animal Puns For a Hap-Bee Holidays! | BeCause Tees

Christmas Animal Puns For a Hap-Bee Holidays!

Add some fun to your festivities with these Christmas animal puns! From bees and bunnies to moose and mice, we've got a sleigh full of animals ready and waiting to join in with the jokes. So, get ready to choose your favorite festive animal puns to make your Christmas merrier and brighter!

Moose in snow 

Christmas Animal Puns

1. Baa humbug!

2. Merry Fishmas and a splashy new year! 

3. Falalalallama.

4. Wishing you a beary Merry Christmas.

5. Santa Claws.

6. Hoppy Holidays!

7. It's penguin-ing to look a lot like Christmas.

8. Shrimply having a wonderful Christmas time!

9. Have a paws-itively jolly Christmas.

10. Oh Christmas bee, oh Christmas bee!

11. Feliz navi-crab.

12. Hark! The heron angels sing.

13. Merry Christmouse!

14. Jingle shells, jingle shells!

15. Hiss-mas tree.

Penguins on snow

16. Merry Christmoose!

17. Mistle-toad.

18. Santa Paws is coming to town!

19. A winter's tail.

20. Furr-osty the snowman.

21. Merry Christmas to ewe!

22. Here's your Christmas pheasant.

23. A Christmas tree-rex.

24. Peck the halls. 

25. Deer Santa...

26. Robin around the Christmas tree!

27. We fish you a Merry Christmas!

28. Wishing you a woolly wonderful holiday season.

29. A whale in a manger.

30. Seasons tweetings.


There you have it – 30 Christmas animal puns to add an extra dose of merriment to your festivities. Share them around the dinner table, in holiday cards, or even with your coworkers at the office party. Love puns? Check out our sister site Inkopious for puns galore, including Christmas dog puns. And to shop apparel featuring many of the animals included here, browse all our nature designs. So, from all of us to all of ewe, have a happy howl-iday season filled with joy and laughter! 

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