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Animals With the Best Sense of Smell

Nature is a treasure trove of incredible adaptations, each species evolving to excel in its own unique way. Whilst we as humans rely heavily on our vision, some animals navigate the world primarily by using an impressive sense of smell. In this post, we'll shine a spotlight on some of the animals with the best sense of smell to see how their olfactory prowess sets them ahead in the animal kingdom.

Elephant sniffing the air 

10 Animals With The Best Sense of Smell

1. African Elephants

Elephants have an incredible sense of smell housed in their long trunks. In fact, it's believed that elephants have the strongest sense of smell out of all animals on the planet. Considering their trunks can measure up to 7 feet in length, if they're full of olfactory receptors, it all makes sense! As part of their role as a keystone species, it's also believed they disperse seeds further than any other land animal too, so they're impressive in many ways, not just their size!

2. Bloodhounds

The Bloodhound tops the list of dog breeds when it comes to sense of smell. This breed has legendary tracking abilities, and is often employed in search and rescue missions. 

3. Bears

Bears possess an exceptional sense of smell, a bear-y good sense of smell, in fact! Their keen noses help them to locate food sources, allowing them to detect carcasses from several miles away. Polar bears can pick up the scent of seals from remarkable distances, even being able to smell them through cracks in the ice. 

4. Silk Moths

Moths don't have noses, instead using receptors located in other areas to detect smells. Male silk moths are equipped with antennae covered in sensitive hairs that can detect pheromones released by potential mates from astonishing distances. 

Silk moth 

5. Honey Bees

As pollinators that play an important role pollinating our crops, honey bees use their impressive sense of smell to locate pollen-rich flowers. Their olfactory prowess also proves useful for recognizing pheromones emitted from other bees in their hive. 

6. Sharks

Sharks have a powerful sense of smell that helps them to locate prey, assisting them in their role as apex predators. As a keystone species, the part they play in population control has many benefits for their ecosystem. It's believed that Great Whites have the best sense of smell of all the shark species.

7. Cows

Cows, often seen grazing peacefully in pastures, may not seem like animals with a remarkable sense of smell at first glance. However, cows possess a surprisingly acute olfactory sense. Their well-developed noses play a crucial role in various aspects of their lives, including helping them to locate food, identify the most nutritious grasses and plants, and detect the scent of predators.

8. Olms

Similar in appearance to axolotls, olms (also known as cave salamanders) are blind creatures that live in dark, wet caves. Living in dark conditions and having no vision, olms rely heavily on their olfactory abilities to navigate and to find food, which likely explains why they've developed such a strong sense of smell. Studying these unique creatures highlights the diverse ways in which animals have evolved to adapt to their specific habitats. 

Olm in a cave

9. Opossums

Opossums use their strong sense of smell to help them find food, especially as opportunistic omnivores. Speaking of opossums and smell, one of several fascinating opossum facts is that they emit a foul-smelling odor when they're playing dead!

10. Rats

Rats have a highly developed sense of smell, which they use to detect predators, locate food, and to communicate with other rats. Beyond their natural habitats, their keen sense of smell has found practical applications in various fields. Rats have been trained to detect landmines and even identify health conditions such as tuberculosis through scent samples, which shows the incredible potential for harnessing their olfactory abilities in highly beneficial ways.


    These are just some of the animals with the best sense of smell, and every one has an impressive way of dealing with the obstacles they face via extraordinary olfactory abilities. The senses of these animals are truly awe-inspiring - if you're inspired by the wonders of nature too, check out our nature-themed apparel

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