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5 Must-Grow Drought Tolerant Flowers | BeCause Tees

5 Stunning Drought Tolerant Flowers

Thinking back to those science lessons from first grade, everyone knows that plants need soil, sun, and water to grow. However, this statement doesn’t take into account the drought-tolerant flowers and plants that don’t require the same water tending. If you are struggling with drought conditions or don’t have time to consistently water your plants, these circumstances don't mean you have to go without greenery. 

Collage of five flowers: Lavender, Echinacea, Coreopsis, Santolina, and Crossvine

Monda Hamm | Renee Fisher | Joshua J. Cotton

What Are Drought Tolerant Flowers? 

Although most plants and flowers require a reasonable amount of water to grow and thrive, there are beautiful flowers that will bloom easily inlow-water conditions. Plants that can survive in an environment with just the rainfall that may occur are considered drought-tolerant. They are easy to grow and enjoy because they don’t require consistent watering and attention. Not to mention, they can look great, too!

Field of Lavender flowers

How Do You Establish the Flowers? 

Drought-tolerant plants aren’t often as tolerant when you first plant them. Be prepared to water adequately during the first couple of weeks while the plant is establishing its roots and settling in. Once your plants are established, you can let them grow and flower at will without worrying about a watering schedule.  

Black Eyed Susan Flowers being watered

How Do You Choose the Right Flowers?

If you need to find drought-tolerant flowers, you should know what to look for. Here are five beautiful solutions:

  1. Lavender – Lavender looks great with its purple flowers. It is also pleasantly fragrant and a draw for pollinators. Sandy soil and minimal water fill this shrub’s minimal list of needs.
  2. Echinacea – Also called coneflower in some circles, echinacea flowers resemble daisies but in various colors. Drought conditions don’t phase this plant, as even damp soil can drown the roots.
  3. Coreopsis – The vibrant yellow hue of coreopsis flowers will add a pop of color to any flower bed, even in drought conditions. These flowers are happiest in sunlight and dry conditions but are tolerant to various environments.
  4. Santolina – If flowering shrubs are your thing, Santolina may be the answer. Also called lavender cotton in gardening circles, Santolina is fragrant, wider than it is tall, and full of wispy yellow flowers.
  5. Crossvine – Upward growth and brilliant burnt-orange flowers mark crossvine plants. If you want vertical accents, crossvine can be that solution without worrying about watering. These vines are hardy enough to hold up to drought conditions.

Field of Echinacea flowers

Are There Other Drought Tolerant Flowers? 

These plants are not the only options for drought-tolerant landscaping. There are many succulents, including the Dudleya, which will produce beautiful flowers at certain points of the year. Consider adding elements such as these for a complete garden bed. 

Drought tolerant flowers are much better for the environment than lawns, which can require large amounts of water during hot weather.

If you’re ready for some drought-tolerant flowers and landscape options that are great for the environment, there are several shrubs, vines, and flowers to use. Don't forget to pair your new flower hobby with matching apparel. Like you, BeCause Tees cares about environmental sustainability. Ourcrafted shirts celebrate this sustainability, as we plant trees for every order. For shirts, towels, and more, that showcase your gardening passion and give back to the environment, shop with us today.

Coneflower Echinacea Hand Towel


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