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10 Sea Otter Fun Facts | BeCause Tees

10 Sea Otter Fun Facts 

Sea otters are undeniably one of the most endearing and captivating creatures of the ocean. With their adorable appearances and playful behaviors, they're certainly cute creatures, but beyond their cuteness lies a fascinating world filled with unique traits. Let's dive into the world of sea otters and explore some fun facts that will make you appreciate them even more!

Sea Otter

Fun Sea Otter Facts

1. They're Fluffiness Galore!

When it comes to being cute and cuddly, sea otters take the crown. They boast the densest fur of any mammal, with approximately one million hairs per square inch! This thick fur keeps them warm in chilly waters and requires meticulous grooming to keep it clean and buoyant.

2. They're Aquatic Acrobats

Sea otters are highly skilled swimmers and can effortlessly maneuver through the water. They use their powerful tails and webbed hind feet to propel themselves, while their front paws act as dexterous paddles. These agile creatures can even swim on their backs, using their stomachs as makeshift tables for eating and grooming!

3. Tools Help Them To Eat

Sea otters eat other sea creatures that include sea urchins, clams, mussels, and crabs. To open their stubborn prey, they employ a unique dining technique, using rocks as tools so they can crack open shells and get to their food. They are one of the few animals that use tools regularly.

Raft of sea otters 

4. They're Social Butterflies

Sea otters are highly social animals and often gather in groups called rafts, ranging from a few individuals to hundreds. These rafts provide safety from predators, companionship, and opportunities for playful interactions. Otters engage in various social behaviors, including holding hands while resting to prevent drifting apart. 

5. Grooming is a Big Deal

Maintaining their luxurious fur requires substantial effort. Sea otters spend a significant portion of their day grooming, utilizing their dexterous forepaws and teeth to clean their fur meticulously. Grooming is not only important for insulation but also helps to remove excess oils and keeps their fur waterproof.

6. Lots of Fur But A Lack of Blubber!

Unlike other marine mammals, sea otters lack a layer of blubber to keep them warm. As a result, they have incredibly high metabolic rates to compensate for the absence of blubber insulation. To fuel their energetic lifestyles, otters need to consume around 20 to 30% of their body weight in food each day!

Sea Otter 

7. Clever Techniques are Used at Nap Time

Sea otters are known for their adorable habit of taking naps while floating on their backs. To prevent themselves from drifting away whilst asleep, they often employ clever techniques so they can rest peacefully without straying too far from their favorite feeding grounds. One such technique is wrapping strands of kelp around their bodies to help anchor them in place. 

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8. Excellent Eyesight Everywhere

Sea otters have remarkable vision both in and out of the water. Their eyes are specially adapted to focus both above and below the surface, allowing them to spot prey and predators with ease.

Sea Otter

9. They Can Close Their Nostrils and Ears

In addition to having excellent eyesight when under water, they also have the ability to close their nostrils and ears, which enables them to stay submerged for extended periods while hunting for food.

10. They Have Pockets!

Perhaps the most fun fact about sea otters is that they do indeed have pockets! Under each arm is a pouch of loose skin that acts like a pocket, used to store their favorite rocks or shellfish while they swim and dive. It's like having a convenient storage compartment that allows them to keep their precious tools or snacks close at hand! 


Sea otters are not just adorable faces in the marine world; they're also remarkable beings with a range of intriguing attributes, not to mention a keystone species. From their fluffy fur to their remarkable tool use, these otters have carved a unique niche in the ecosystem. Appreciating these fun facts about sea otters can help us foster a deeper connection with these incredible creatures and inspire us to take action in their conservation because unfortunately they're an endangered species. Shop our California Sea Otter collection to show off your apprecation for these amazing creatures!

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