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10 Leopard Gecko Fun Facts | BeCause Tees

10 Leopard Gecko Fun Facts

Leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius) are popular reptiles with their small size and striking appearance. We’ll delve into some fascinating leopard gecko fun facts that shed light on their unique characteristics and behaviors, so let’s geck-on with it!

Leopard Gecko 

10 Leopard Gecko Fun Facts

1. They Have Eyelids

    Whilst you might be wondering why this is worthy of a mention, it’s because most lizards don’t have eyelids. Leopard geckos, however, are part of the Eublepharis family, all of which have movable eyelids. Their scientific name refers to this - Eublepharis means ‘good eyelids’ in Latin.

    2. They Can ‘Morph’ Into Different Colors

      Now we’ve covered the first part of their scientific name, the second part ‘macularius’ is derived from ‘macula’, which means ‘spot’ in Latin – this refers to the spots that cover their bodies.

      In the wild, leopard geckos tend to be yellow, brown or gray in color with dark brown or black spots. However, leopard geckos that have been selectively bred in captivity showcase an incredible range of color variations, called ‘morphs’. Morphs are often given names, and there are some weird and wonderful morph names out there, including:

      • Carrot Tail
      • Blizzard
      • Halloween Mask
      • Mack Snow
      • Creamsicle

      Orange leopard gecko

      3. They Can Drop Their Tails

        When it comes to survival tactics, leopard geckos have an intriguing trick up their tails. If they feel threatened or get caught by a predator, they have the remarkable ability to drop their tails, a behavior known as autotomy. They can regenerate a new tail, although it may not look the same as the original.

        4. They Can See Color in the Dark

          Leopard geckos are nocturnal, so it’s no surprise they can see well in the dark. As long as there is a little light and not complete darkness, they can see colors in the dark too.

          5. They Don’t Have Toe Pads

            Unlike most geckos, leopard geckos don’t have sticky toe pads to allow them to ‘stick’ to surfaces. However, they do have claws which aid them to climb well.

            Leopard Gecko

            6. A Range of Vocalizations are Used to Communicate

              Leopard geckos aren’t particularly vocal creatures, but they do produce a variety of sounds to communicate. The noises they make range from chirps and squeaks to clicks, and even barks and screams when they feel stressed or threatened.

              7. Their Tail Is Used to Communicate

                As well as their vocalizations, leopard geckos also use their tails to communicate. They wag or shake their tails for various reasons, including:

                • Because they feel threatened or stressed
                • To show aggression
                • When interested in a potential mate
                • When hunting for prey

                8. Their Gender is Determined by Temperature

                  A leopard gecko’s gender is determined by incubation temperature:

                  • 90F – most eggs hatched will be male.
                  • 80F – most eggs hatched will be female.
                  • 85F – eggs could be either sex.

                  Leopard Gecko

                  9. They Brumate

                    Leopard geckos don’t hibernate in the traditional sense. Instead, they undergo a period of reduced activity with a slower metabolism during colder months when in the wild, called ‘brumation.’

                    10. They Can Live For Many Years

                      Because of threats such as predators and diseases, the average life expectancy for a leopard gecko in the wild is around 3-5 years. However, when in captivity, this estimate increases greatly, with a life expectancy of up to 20 years.


                      We hope you enjoyed geck’in to know these lizards with our leopard gecko fun facts! From their detaching tails to their colorful ‘morphs’, these creatures show off the wonders of nature. Now you can show off the wonders of nature too with our collection of leopard gecko clothing and gifts! Shop today and we'll plant  trees and make a donation to ecological nonprofits for every purchase.

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                      3 Responses



                      April 03, 2024

                      fun fact, if you incubate the eggs at over 90 degrees, you get what’s called hot females which are usually much more aggressive, have a lower tendency to eat, and are most of the time infertile. I have my two girls at home so I know all the basics but I didn’t know much of the fun facts so this was interesting.

                      E.G. Anthony Hammontree

                      E.G. Anthony Hammontree

                      March 06, 2024

                      What kind does a fancy leapord gecko look like

                      Ridley martin

                      Ridley martin

                      March 06, 2024

                      This was really helpful because we just got a white leopard gecko that is also blind and this is our first gecko we have ever had so far.
                      P.s her name is Crystal.

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