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10 Black Bear Fun Facts

Black bears, scientifically known as Ursus americanus, inhabit various regions of North America. These animals are as interesting as they are impressive! Here are 10 black bear fun facts to help you get to know these mighty creatures even better.

Black bear eating grass 

1. They’re Not Just Black

Contrary to their name, black bears come in a wide range of colors. While many black bears are indeed black, they can also be other colors, including brown, cinnamon, and blond. These color variations are often influenced by the bear's age, diet, and genetics.

So, despite their name, it's important to remember that not all black bears are black! And brown bears can be black, and other colors too. Confused? Our Black Bears vs Brown Bears post will help you to tell the difference.

2. Opportunistic Eaters

Similarly to trash bandits such as opossums and raccoons, black bears are opportunistic omnivores, meaning they eat a wide variety of foods. Their diet can include berries, fruits, nuts, insects, small mammals, fish, and vegetation. This adaptability is one of the reasons they can thrive in various ecosystems, from forests to meadows.

They’re always on the lookout for food, which makes it incredibly important to take your garbage home with you when hiking in bear country and to be careful how you store your food.

3. They’re Excellent Climbers

Thanks to their strong, curved claws, black bears are excellent climbers. They often climb trees to escape threats or to reach food sources, such as bird nests or fruit-bearing branches. When they need to come back down, they don’t turn around, instead they climb down the same way as they went up.

Black bears in a tree

4. They’re Also Great Swimmers

Black bears are proficient swimmers. They are often seen in lakes and rivers, where they swim with ease. They’ll sometimes use swimming as a means to catch fish to eat.

5. They Can Outrun Humans

In addition to being good at climbing and swimming, black bears are also good at running, although only for short distances. Because they can reach speeds of up to 30/35 mph, they’re easily capable of running faster than humans.

6. Hibernation Can Last For Over Half the Year

Black bears usually hibernate during the winter months, but the amount of time spent in hibernation varies depending on their geographical location. In colder areas such as Alaska, black bears can hibernate for as long as 7 months, whereas black bears in warmer areas will hibernate for a much shorter period of time.

7. Females Have Delayed Pregnancies

Female black bears use a process called ‘delayed implantation’, meaning that their pregnancies are delayed. They mate during the summer but embryos only start developing when the mother bear has started hibernating. Cubs are then born sometime during January/February whilst their mother is still in her winter den.

Black bear cubs

8. An Acute Sense of Smell

One of the most impressive features of black bears is their acute sense of smell. Their noses are incredibly sensitive, allowing them to detect scents from miles away. This keen sense of smell aids them in locating food sources and detecting potential threats.

9. They Lead Solitary Lives

Black bears are solitary animals, with adult males and females only spending any time together during the breeding season, before separating once more.

Cubs stay with their mothers for about a year and a half, learning essential survival skills before venturing out on their own.

10. The Smallest Bear in North America

There are 3 types of bears found in North America: black bears, brown bears and polar bears. Out of the 3, black bears are the smallest, usually measuring around 3 feet high at the shoulder.


We hope you enjoyed our black bear fun facts. Black bears are mightily impressive creatures, always best observed at a distance, of course! If you love these animals, we’re the bearer of good news! Our Bears Collection includes grizzly apparel, brown bears, black bears, and more.

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